Logan Paul and the oddly inspirational

Have faith.

I recently stumbled upon a strange screed by Mike Evans. I disagreed with all of it, but came away oddly admiring the guy.

Beginning in the 1970's Evans has been building support for Israel among American evangelicals. Today, he boasts 77 million followers. He also prophesied that Benjamin Netanyahu would become Prime Minister of Israel back when Netanyahu had "zero political ambition."

I don't believe in the Bible the way Evans does. And while I support the right of anyone of any nation to individually and voluntarily support another nation, I oppose U.S. aid to Israel and every other country. 

So why do I admire Mike Evans? For the same reason I admire Logan Paul.

I have as little in common with Logan Paul as I do Mike Evans. Paul's Youtube following is north of 22 million. I first heard of him when he encountered the body of a suicide victim in Japan and posted the scene on Youtube. That drew heavy criticism but didn't diminish his career. He's been in some boxing matches, including a pay-per-view on June 06 with Floyd Mayweather. By all accounts Paul acquitted himself well against the undefeated retired champion. 

I haven't seen Paul's matches or Youtube shows. So why do I find him admirable? This tweet:

In 2015, I moved to Los Angeles

Every morning & every night, I’d look myself in the mirror and repeat 10 times “I will be the biggest entertainer in the world”

I had no idea HOW or WHEN it would happen, but after 6 years of manifestation, it’s happening.

Life is a wild ride

Paul isn't the "biggest entertainer in the world," but he likes his progress, and he may well have been the biggest star in America on Sunday night, when he had the attention of the entertainment, sports, and media worlds.

What Mike Evans and Logan Paul have in common is faith. They've gone further than what others might have expected of them, but not what they've expected of themselves. 

Mike Evans has enormous clout. He became a Trump advisor and friend to several Israeli Prime Ministers because he had faith in his vision. I personally wish he had a more peaceful vision, but the power of faith isn't in the goodness of the belief, but the strength of the belief. It is the feeling of certainty that what you want, you will get.

I'm sure Evans and Paul both worked hard (you can't face Floyd Mayweather without lots of  preparation), but it isn't the hard work that "paid off" for them, it is faith in the end result that inspired their hard work. 

What Evans and Paul desired and believed in, they received. 

The same can be true for every one of us. 

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